To everything there is a season

Tähän päivitykseen on kerätty kuvapareja Keniasta matkamme alusta ja lopusta. Ajan kulumisen voi nähdä kuvista.

Sumba i juniSumba hill in February and in June.

The valley in February

The valley in May

Sumba primary in February

Sumba primary in May

The rain water tank in February

The rain water tank in May

Starting to drill the borehole at ABC in March

The borehole, solarpanels and maiz growing at backgroud at ABC in May

Puppys in Kisumu in March

Big pyppys in Kisumu in June

To everything there is a season and now has our time in Kenya come to an end and time to be in Finland again has started. We are very very thankfull for everything!

Thank you Kenya, thank you all the lovely people there, thank you all the people in Finland who has wellcomed us home, thank you Jappe for being a best friend and a best lover, and the biggest thanks to Jesus for loving and taking care of us!